Update: Novel Coronavirus

TIC Retail Accessories provides the following update in relation to the supply of garment hangers in China. 


Both TIC Dongguan & Ningbo manufacturing facilities have resumed operations over the past fortnight and are gradually returning to full operating capacity. We can advise that TIC’s supply & service capabilities within China have resumed.


TIC continues to monitor the Coronavirus situation and acknowledges that the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers is paramount.


Please appreciate that the situation may change and we will update our operating and supply status accordingly. Please also refer to our website at www.tichangers.com for updates.


We appreciate your patience and support during this time.




TIC Retail Accessories

Closed loop re-use program

TIC Group’s first ever closed loop re-use program has transformed the retail garment hanger industry world-wide. We pride ourselves on providing solutions that help shape the retailer’s brand and image.


A garment on hanger (GOH) supply chain frees retail staff to focus on providing optimal in-store customer service and an improved retail experience, and it greatly reduces the amount of hangers reaching landfill.


Did you know that each year, TIC Group re-uses enough hangers that if laid end to end would go around the world three times? 

Our garment hanger service

Our garment hanger service streamlines the retail supply chain and help in-store staff be more efficient.  Our close working relationship with garment manufacturers globally means more efficient transport and reusing hangers to provide retailers with a Garment on Hanger (GoH) shipment reduces the cost and time it takes to present stock in-store. 


Re-using garment hangers

Re-using garment hangers is a smarter choice for retail.  It saves money, landfill space and eliminates the need to harvest raw materials for the manufacture of new garment hangers.  Makes good sense economically and environmentally.


Did you know that re-using garment hangers with TIC rather than manufacturing them new saves 34% of carbon emissions and 86% of water?

EAS Tags

TIC Group’s EAS tags recovery program collects used hard security tags from retailers, sorts them and returns them to garment manufacturers for re-use.

By removing the bulk of this labour-intensive task, and moving this process back to the point of garment manufacture, we help to reduce staffing costs and free up retail staff to concentrate on serving their customers.

"TIC is a ‘no problem’ supplier. There is a strong sense of partnership in how we work together, which is often unseen in the marketplace. TIC has strong quality control, they save us time and money. The process is seamless. "


Retailer, UK

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