Giving back

We support many not-for-profit organisations and causes each year. TIC Group have an ongoing friendship with FareShare, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing food.


Food insecurity is a growing problem in Australia; each year 2 million Australians will reach a point where they will not be able to access food or afford to buy food. During this same period, we’ll waste 200kg of food for every man, woman and child in the country.


The face of food insecurity is diverse and spans generations, from students to the elderly, the working and the unemployed, to full time carers and low income parents struggling to provide their families with three meals a day. Melbourne food charity FareShare is doing something about it.


FareShare rescues food from retailers, farmers and other businesses and cooks this food into 25,000 free nutritious meals each week for Victorian charities – such as soup vans, homeless shelters, food banks and school breakfast programs – each week. We do this in Australia’s largest charity kitchen, based in Abbotsford.


TIC Group is committed to supporting FareShare resuce food that would have otherwise have gone to waste, ending up in landfill.

FareShare Video