solvup is a powerful customer experience tool for handling returned products at store counter, online or phone. 


Drawing on a global network of vendors and repairers whilst delivering timely business insights, solvup provides the best and most sustainable product repair or replacement outcome for retailers and consumers alike.


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solvup is a unique and efficient system that can handle all returns, replacements or repairs from a retail store front, call centre or on-line site.


It will choose the correct course of action and track the items progress to a repairer and back, while troubleshooting at the point of return helps avoid no fault found returns ensuring high customer satisfaction.  


Partnered with major retailers, vendors and repair agents, solvup provides troubleshooting options, tracks items repair progress and further motivates repair agents to lower return times.  It also allows all parties to track an item from the moment it leaves the customers hands to the moment it’s returned to them.


As well as ensuring that consumers, retailers and their suppliers always achieve the best outcome, solvup effectively helps reduce unnecessary product transit and waste to make it the best outcome for the planet too.


"solvup is a straightforward platform.  It is a standardised, simple way of working through faults and customer repairs and providing an outcome to the store. "

Electronic Retailer,

Australia / NZ